Outdoor Fireplaces and Kitchens - A Beginner’s Guide

Adding an inviting outdoor space can increase your home value and bring even more enjoyment to spaces that go unused in the colder months. However, the scope and scale of your outdoor project can determine how broad that utility can be.


Whether it is a fire pit, a built-in outdoor fireplace, or a full-scale outdoor kitchen, knowing the best fit for your budget and space goes a long way in creating one-of-a-kind experiences for your family and friends.

Outdoor Firepits vs. Outdoor Fireplaces - What’s the Difference?

fire tablefire table

Two of the most common outdoor heating solutions come in the form of firepits and outdoor fireplaces, and while many think they are one in the same, the design and application of each are very different.

When selecting the right solution for your home, you’ll have to ask yourself several questions such as, “What do I want this space to be?” and “How and when do I intend to use it?”.

The answers to these questions, along with the differences between the two will help you best determine what is right for you!

Firepits - Creating a Cozy New Community Space

Firepits are the quintessential outdoor living project. They often consist of open flames burning from a recessed enclosure or raised table and are designed to be an easy communal space for your friends and family.

At the entry-level, they create a great centerpiece that can burn as hot as you want and for as long as you desire, given you are willing to provide fuel and know-how to tend to the flames.

With advancements in technology, you can even take your firepit to the next level. The addition of gas burners removes the need for a large supply of logs, and the installation of additional seating space brings a new level of class to your home!

No matter your preference, firepits are an affordable option for those looking to start making the most of their outdoor space.

Gas firepits are very convenient, but you will have to account for the additional costs of running gas lines to your desired location. If your budget is low, or you prefer the process of starting and tending to a fire, then a wood-burning firepit may be right for you!

Most projects range from $300 to $1,400, with the average cost of installing a gas-burning firepit landing around $700. This makes firepits an excellent choice for those looking to make their first upgrade in their outdoor experience!

Fireplaces - Bringing Indoor Comfort Straight to your Patio

Outdoor Fireplaces can often be a point of confusion, sometimes being mistaken for firepits or fire tables, but the elegance and application of outdoor fireplaces are far beyond that of their relatives.


An outdoor fireplace is a built-in or stand-alone unit that operates in the same way as an indoor fireplace! You will often see outdoor fireplaces in combination with a mantle and hearth to give a similar appearance and feel to the standard indoor fireplace.


Unlike firepits, outdoor fireplaces create a larger, more open gathering space with room to grow around, similar to a living room or great room. They are a great focal point of your patio without being at the center of the space like firepits and come with the added bonus of fantastic heat production.


Outdoor fireplaces are substantially more expensive than your average firepit, with a wide range of available pricing. The average model will cost around $3,000 but can range anywhere from $1,500 all the way up to $20,000 and beyond.


Additionally, outdoor fireplaces come in a wide variety of styles, making a rustic or modern solution easily in reach. There are models to fit almost any space and custom options are available to ensure that your choice is truly one of a kind.

outdoor patiooutdoor patio
outdoor kitchenoutdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens - Taking Your Cookout to the Next Level

Your deck or patio can easily become a well-used place during the summer months, and upgrading your cooking area can be an easy way to improve your quality of life while also increasing the value of your home.


Outdoor kitchens take all the comfort and community created inside the home and bring it out for the world to see. The installation of a built-in grill, sink, or eating area can easily take your family cookout or neighborhood barbecue to new heights.


While prices on products and installation vary greatly, this is an opportunity to create a truly unique space that fully matches your ideal layout. You can start off with a built-in grill and add pieces as you need them or go all out and create your own personalized workstation that is perfect for any task!


Regardless of scale, the addition of built-in outdoor kitchen appliances adds a new dimension of class and convenience to your deck or patio and creates a gathering space that will be used by your family and friends for years to come.

Heating Lamps and Patio Heaters

While a built-in unit may not be for everyone, an outdoor heating solution is essential to increase the season that your deck or patio is usable. That’s where portable options like heating lamps and patio heaters come in.

Patio Heaters are tall, floor lamp style units that use propane to produce a wide variety of flame styles. Some produce wide open flames, similar to your average kitchen burner, while others take it to the next level with fire tubes or vortexes. Most patio heaters are designed to disperse heat in a wide radius, making them comfortable without being overly direct.

Heating lamps use carbon or infrared heating to focus heat in a chosen direction. They are often smaller than patio heaters and can even be wall-mounted to keep floor space clear! Some models even come in electric variants, making the need for propane tanks obsolete.

Starting at $200, these portable pieces bring a new level of comfort to smaller spaces and work as great additions to fill in heating gaps around your deck.

If you’re looking for pure utility, there are great industrial style models available, but the biggest benefit of this wide range of products is the variety of available styles. No matter your preference, there is a perfect accent piece for your room that also doubles as a fantastic heating solution.

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